This utility will save AlbumImage1 to the albumfolder for one or more albums.

How to use the program
Make an entry in the SitesMenu with this address: [InstallLocation]\HAPsaveImageToFolder.exe.
or Make a shortcut to the programfile, if you wish to run the program from outside CATraxx.
CATraxx must be running when you start the program.
You must be in the AlbumView or AlbumEdit if you wish to use Selected albums.
You can run the program in SilentMode, if you start the program with a parameter (SELECTED, MARKED or ALLALBUMS).
The program will then run in the SystemTray and only show itself if an error occurs.
A result file (htm) can be found in the application datafolder after each run. (C:\Users\[user name]\Documents\HAPdatafiles\HAPsaveImageToFolder\ResultFiles\)

Main program window
Click on framed icons for further information
Opens the ProgramOptions window.
Prints the current result.
View resultfiles.
Opens the help page on the HAP website.
View information about the program.
Close the program.
Overwrite... Unselect if you don't want to overwrite existing images.
Save images to folder.

Additional notes:

This program will only work with CATrax version 9.00 or higher.

The program can be downloaded here: Just run the installation file.

© Thomas Hamstrup