SQL window

Opens the Select window.
Criteria Window If no criteria is entered, all marked albumtracks or tracks or playlisttracks will be returned.

You can enter a valid SQL WHERE clause like:
  Genre = "Rock"
  Genre like "Pop*"
  Released like "198*"

More than one parameter can be specified:
  (Genre = "Rock") OR (Genre = "Pop")
  (Genre like "Rock*") AND (Released like "1987*")
Order By You can enter a valid sortorder like:

A random pick of records can be specified like:
Max Enter the maximum # of tracks included in the resultant query.

A value of zero means no maximum.
Checkboxes Select one of the 3 checkboxes to specify the SELECT statement of the SQL query.
Executes the SQL statement and adds the resultant tracks to "Currently selected tracks".
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