Program Options

Use artist separator Select this option to write multiple artists with a separator (Artist1;Artist2;Artist3) instead of (Artist 1 feat. Artist2 with Artist3 & Artist4).
Combine composer & lyricist Select this option to put both composer & lyricist in the composer tag.
Write track# with 2 digits Select this option to write the track# with 2 digits.
Write total # of tracks If this option is checked, the track# will be written as 2 [separator] 18.
Write total # of discs If this option is checked and # of discs > 1, the disc# will be written as 2 [separator] 4.
Otherwise disc# will be blank.
Append to title The options corresponds to the options found in CATraxx, except SplitArtists.
This option applies to tracks with more than one artist.
The TrackArtist will be the first in the list, while the remaining artists will be appended to the title.
You can also choose the delimiters used to enclose the appended text.
Remove tag before write Select this option to completely remove an existing tag before writing the new tag. Otherwise only the affected tags are updated/written.
Write Unicode If this option is selected, the tags will be written using UNICODE.
Otherwise ANSI will be used.
Valid for mp3 and TTA files.
Resize cover Resize cover when saving image to tag.
The specified width will be used. The image will be saved proportionally.
Keep cover if AlbumCover is empty If this option is checked, a cover present in the tag, will not be overwritten by a "blank" cover.
This a useful, if you have albums with no cover, and you have added separate covers to each audiofile (ex: compilation albums).
Use CATraxx for update Select this option if you want CATraxx to do the update of the tag.
Otherwise, HAPcompareTag updates a single track, while HAPupdateTags updates all tracks.
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