This utility provides an easy way of deleting PlayHistory records based on various criterias.
Simulation mode can be used to test the results before actually deleting anything.

How to use the program
Make an entry in the SitesMenu with this address: [InstallLocation]\ClearPlayHistory.exe.
CATraxx needs to be running, when this utility is executed.

Main program window
Click on framed icons for further information
Changes the DateRange.
Recalculate selection count.
Opens the ProgramOptions window.
Please visit program options before you update. An option to control the update of track.playcount is set by default!
Prints the current result.
View resultfiles.
Opens the help page on the HAP website.
Show information about the program.
Close the program.
Action You have 5 ways of selecting the playhistory records to include in the update.
Furthermore you can specify a daterange.
The program always starts with a daterange, that include all playhistory records. If the default start date (2008-01-01) is not valid for you, then you can change the default start date in programs options.
Each of the 5 selection options contains 3 numbers:
1) # tracks/artists that have playhistory
2) # tracks/artists that you selected in CATraxx
3) # playhistory records that will be deleted, if you update now
Every time you change the daterange, the above numbers will change accordingly.
Simulation This option lets you see the expected output in advance.
Starts the update.

Additional notes:

This program will only work with CATrax version 9.00.00 or higher.

The program can be downloaded here: Just run the installation file.

© Thomas Hamstrup