image Versions for CATraxx 8 are also available!

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The player supports 11 different audiofile formats.
Track/Album information is displayed using a xsl template, which can be fully modified by the user.
Using the players playlist, you can add tracks to CATraxx playlists, copy tracks to a folder/USB-stick and burn tracks to a CD/DVD
Supports lastFm scrobbling.
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Display/update the content of an audio tag as well as show information about the audio file.
It can be used from CATraxx parsing the required info or it can be run as a standalone program using an inbuilt audio file explorer.
It can also show all tag images belonging to an album.
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Creates a list of artist/persons who was born or died today.
Also creates a list of forthcoming birthdates x days ahead.
The result is displayed on the CATraxx Explorer homepage (index.xsl).
All text can be modified to your liking/language.
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Creates a list of persons who was born or died today.
Also creates a list of forthcoming birthdates x days ahead.
The result is displayed on the CATvids Explorer homepage (index.xsl).
All text can be modified to your liking/language.
This version is for use with CATvids.
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The selected album folders will be checked for validity.
Required audio/video files not present in the album folder will be reported.
Non required files present in the album folder will be reported.
A click on the ID# will take you to the folder for possible cleanup.
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This utility provides an easy way of deleting PlayHistory records based on various criterias.
Simulation mode can be used to test the results before actually deleting anything.
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Compare the content of an audiotag with the corresponding data in CATraxx.
Any differences will be shown in yellow.
The audiotag can then be updated directly.
You can also choose to update all audiotags belonging to the album. In this case, you need to have HAPupdateTags installed.
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CreateCARcd image
This utility creates CD's/memorycards containing music for use with CAR stereo etc.
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This utility can create m3u-files from albums/playlists for use with external devices like CAR stereo etc.
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This utility gives you access to most functions in the CATraxx DataServer.
.. Create XML-files using various filters.
.. Test output from templates using various filters.
.. The filters used, are saved for later use.
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This utility is used to avoid duplicate artist/persons.
You can easily search alternate names/birthnames using up to 5 expressions.
The utility can be runningin a small window next to CATraxx for easy access.
When an artist/person is found, you can explore/jump to that artist/person with one click.
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This utility is a frontend to metaflac.exe.
It will handle the most commonly used commands to manipulate flac-files.
You can select files to process using drag/drop from Windows Explorer or you can select files from CATraxx (if CATraxx is running).
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This utility will run SQL queries against a database.
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Rename audio files using CATraxx data and your specification.
Other features include updating of audio file duration, updating of audio bitrate and creation m3u-files for use outside CATraxx.
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This utility will save AlbumImage1 to the album folder for one or more albums.
This function has now been included in CATraxx.
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This utility syncronizes your CATraxx audiofiles with iTunes.
Any changes made in CATraxx will be updated in iTunes
If you don't want all CATraxx audiofiles included in iTunes, you can make a "CATraxxITunesCollection"
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This utility will analyze all your templates.
For each template, you can see which Classes, HREFs, IMG's etc. are used.
For each of these items, you can find the templates in which they are used.
You can see an analysis of templates to find unused templates and missing standard templates.
You can also see an analysis of styles to find unused styles.
The utility is primarily for users using non-standard templates.
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This utility will update a user selected role-field to indicate all the roles of a person.
The advantage is, that all roles of a person can be seen in one place. (ex: browse list & templates).
No need for further exploring of the person.
Furthermore it can be used in filters.
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Update audiotags for one or more albums/tracks.
This utility supports a couple more tags than CATraxx currently does.

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