Program Options

Sort Options Specify the sortorder for the display of updates.
Playlist Options When transferring playlists, specify if tracks in the playlists should be automatically added to iTunes if not present.
Keep iTunes tracks not in CATraxx During syncronization, if a track is found in iTunes are not present in CATraxx, it will be removed.
You can avoid that by selecting this option.
Close iTunes when finished By default, iTunes is not closed when HAPsynciTunes finishes.
You can force a close by selecting this option.
Save any changes made.
Cancel any changes made.
Save Resultfile Automatically save the syncronization results for later use.
Show only errors Select this option to avoid fully detailed resultfile.
Use CATraxx data when updating iTunes data is normally updated using the audiotags.
Select this option to use CATraxx data.
Check for updates Automatically check for updates every x days.
Don't tell me.. Only to receive notification if a new update is found.
View releasenotes Click to view the releasenotes.
Check now Click to manually check for new updates.
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