Player Options

Start play automatically When the player is started, play will begin automatically.
Start in System Tray When the player is started, the main window will not show.
Instead the program will be placed in the system tray.
Bring to front when adding When you send a play request to the player, the main window will be brought to the front.
Enqueue inserts Enqueue will insert the play request at the beginning of the playlist (if no play is in progress) or
at the position of the playing track (if play is in progress).
Enqueue is true if you hold down CTRL while clicking on a play link or
you have checked the CTRL to enqueue option in CATraxx.
Use replay gain Select this option if you want the player to apply replay album or track gain (if present).
Always use TrackGain Select this option if you want the player to apply always trackgain (if present).
Search Template Defines the name of the Search template.
This template is used when you click the Search button.
Use last position of window Uncheck this option to always place the explorer window to the right of the player windows
Save window positions Uncheck this option to always have the player to start with default window positions.
Show ballonhints When the player is minimized to the system tray, this option will enable balloon hints showing play information.
Use lastFm rules for playcount Updates playcount when elapsed = (time > 30sec) and ( duration or 4 minutes).
Otherwise playcount is updated when elapsed = ( duration or 4 minutes).
Use lastFm scrobbling Scrobbling a song means that when you listen to it, the name of the song is sent to LastFm and added to your music profile.
Do not update album.playcount Check this option to avoid the player to update the album.playcount when you have clicked an album speaker icon in CATraxx.
IntroPlay Specify where IntroPlay should start playing a track and for how long (seconds).
Selected SoundDevice You can change which sound device the player should use.
If you make changes during play, the change will take effect when you play the next track.
Save any changes made.
Cancel any changes made.

© Thomas Hamstrup