System Tray (Notification Area)

How the system tray is used
When you run the program, an icon is placed into the system tray.
If you rightClick the tray icon, a popup menu appears.
Using this popup menu, you can partly operate the player, even if the main window is visible (not minimized).
When you click the minimize button (or click Hide Player on the popup menu), the program will be invisible and can now only be operated from the popup menu.
To restore the program, just leftclick the tray icon (or click Show Player on the popup menu).
In programs options, you can select to start the program minimizd to the system tray.
Note: In Windows 7 you need to set the icon to always show, otherwise it will be hidden in the special area.
Show Player Make the program visible, when it is minimized.
Hide Player Minimize the program to the system tray.
Next track Play the next track.
Previous track Play the previous track.
Pause/Restore Pause or restore the play.
Exit player Close the program.
Notifications are only shown if the player is minimized and the appropriate option is selected.
Possible notifications:
New track starts playing (see picture)
Play stops
Play is paused
Play is resumed

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