This utility will update a user-selected role-field to indicate all roles of the person.

How to use the program
The normal way to start the program is from within CATraxx by making an entry in the SitesMenu.
You can also start the program without CATraxx running, provided that you have defined a default database in ProgramOptions.
If not, you will be prompted to define a default database.
When the program is started, you have a choice of selecting which persons you want to be updated.
The choices are: All Persons, Marked Persons or Selected Persons.
The program can be run in a "quiet" version without user intervention.
Just append one parameter: "ALLPERSONS", "MARKED" or "SELECTED" (without the quotes).
An icon will appear in the notification area.
The following terms are used when displaying roles:
RealName is true, if this person is the only name in the artist-lineup.
HasRealName is true, if this artist has a lineup with only one name.
MemberOf is true, if this person is part of an artist-lineup with more than one name.
A dash (-) means, that there is no instrument assignment.
The advantages of using this utility are:
You can see all the roles of a person in the ArtistPerson browselist.
No need for preview/explore of the artist/person.
The role-field can be used in filters.

This is how it would look like in CATraxx ArtistPersonView and ArtistPersonExplore using Custom01, Custom02 or Custom05.
This is how it would look like in CATraxx ArtistPersonView and ArtistPersonExplore using Custom12.
Main program window
Click on framed icons for further information
Opens the ProgramOptions window.
Show statistics (if Custom12 is used).
Opens the help page on the HAP website.
View information about the program.
Close the program.
Update personroldes.

Additional notes:

This program will only work with CATrax version 9.00 or higher.

The program can be downloaded here: Just run the installation file.

© Thomas Hamstrup