This utility is used to avoid duplicate artist/persons.

You can easily search alternate names/birthnames using up to 5 expressions.
The utility can be running in a small window next to CATraxx for easy access.
When an artist/person is found, you can explore/jump to that artist/person with one click.

How to use the program
Make an entry in the SitesMenu with this address: [InstallLocation]\HAPlookupAlternateNames.exe.
Use this entry from anywhere in CATraxx.

Main program window
Click on framed icons for further information
Opens the ProgramOptions window.
Opens the help page on the HAP website.
Show information about the program.
Close the program.
View the result of a search.

Additional notes:

This program will only work with CATrax version 9.00 or higher.

The program can be downloaded here: Just run the installation file.

© Thomas Hamstrup