Create a list of person birth/deathdays within a specified range and display the list on CATvids homepage.

How to use the program
Make an entry in the SitesMenu with reference to the install location of HAPbirthDatesV.exe.
or Make a shortcut to the programfile, if you wish to run the program from outside CATvids.
If you run the program while CATvids is running, the database used by CATvids will be used.
Otherwise the default database will be used.
If no default database has been defined, you will be asked to define one.
The program can be run in a "quiet" version without user intervention and without CATvids running.
To do this, start the program with parameter "QUIET" (without the quotes).
This means that you can schedule a task running every day, or you can run the program from the site's menu.
Note: After running the program once, you can run the program by clicking the button in the BirthDates headning (see below)
NOTE! The layout of the tables are controlled by special classes in style-BirthDates.css.
This file is automatically copied to your templates folder and a reference is inserted into index.xsl.
If you have previously used the program, you will need to remove the lines previously inserted into style.css from patch-style.css.
Extensive layout control can be obtained by modifying the style-BirthDates.css file.

This is how it would look like on your CATvids explorer homepage.

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Additional notes:

This program will only work with CATvids version 9.24 or higher.

The program can be downloaded here: Just run the installation file.

© Thomas Hamstrup